Our world is flooded in plastic.
We can do better.

Plastic pollution is a real problem for the environment, for marine life, and for us. Cleaning it up helps to a small degree but it is technically challenging and very expensive. A better solution is for each of us to use plastic alternatives to break the cycle. Join us!

Eco-friendly Alternatives

Product of the Week


Paper Towel Replacement

Swededishcloths® are your eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. Using just one Swedish dishcloth equals using up to 17 rolls of paper towels. Swededishcloths® are manufactured in Europe with the artwork applied in Colorado. They are composed of a blend of sustainable wood pulp and natural cotton fibers which are recyclable or compostable and very absorbent.

Each cloth can absorb up to ¾ cup of liquid, can be washed up to 200 times, and can be bleached, boiled or microwaved for sanitization. Swededishcloths offers many designs from which to choose so you can clean up with style, save money, and cut back on paper towel waste! Let us know which one you chose! View on Amazon.

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