About Us

Formerly Glass is Better, Blue Oceans Green Earth is an extension of the plastic reduction lifestyle we (founders Dave and Cynthia) adopted by switching from plastic to glass food containers a long time ago. Cyn’s main concern was and is food safety and mine is to cut back on single use plastic.

We started as glassisbetter.com, the predecessor site to Blue Oceans Green Earth, to be proactive beyond saying between ourselves “they ought to…use paper bags, go back to glass food bottles, etc., etc.”

The purpose of the site is to bring awareness to the plastic problem and to promote eco-friendly alternative products.

We believe in a common sense, non-judgmental approach. Plastic does have a place in modern life and it is sometimes the best option or the only economically viable option. Our goal is to inform and encourage the use of interesting eco-friendly products where it makes sense and is likely to be used by consumers.

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