Eco News

Our Eco News posts feature science-based information about the effects of plastic on our food, health, and the environment. We also happily present some of the projects that people and organizations are taking to address the plastic problem.

Marine Pollution Solutions

Plastic products are used in almost every area of life and industry. From plastic bags to water bottles, from straws to six-pack rings, today’s plastic will likely become tomorrow’s marine pollution. Surprisingly, an estimated 70%-80% of marine debris collected in the ocean comes from land-based sources via storm runoff, sewer overflows, and improper garbage disposal …

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Microplastics in Tea Bags?

Cuppa tea microplastic? A study published in Environmental Pollution outlines the dangers of phthalates in food packaging that can contribute to an increase in mortality rates due to cardiovascular disease, adult diabetes, thyroid cancer, and other serious illnesses. Most plastic containers are made of PET, also known as polyethylene terephthalate. In time, PET will degrade …

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Glass Recycling Benefits

Glass is an exceptionally good recycling material. In this post we’ll cover the glass recycling benefits, how it’s done, what types of glass can be recycled and what the eco-advantages are from doing it. Using recycled glass to make new glass products requires 40 percent less energy than making it from all new materials. – …

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