Best Glass Storage Containers Made in USA

In this post we feature glass containers that are manufactured here in the USA. This is not only to support local products but also to ensure that what you purchase is safe and high quality.

Whether for looks, safety, or practicality, these USA-made glass food containers are worth considering.

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Wide Mouth, All Glass, Glass Lid

Anchor Hocking 3-Quart Heritage Hill Jar with Glass Lid

Our winner for the Best for Pantry, this all-glass, thick-walled container clearly displays your pantry favorites like cookies, nuts, cereals, chocolates, candies, and many others while also keeping track of their inventory. With its airtight glass lid, it can also keep your dry ingredients like sugar, flour, or coffee at their best state and away from bugs and pests. Contents are easy to scoop because of its wide opening while the large knobs make for easy gripping when opening the glass storage container. A classic USA made glass jar, this product is manufactured by Anchor Hocking, one of the leading glass companies since 1905.

Freezer-safe, Rectangular, BPA-free Lid

Pyrex Glass Food Storage with Lid

Made from pure pyrex glass, this container is guaranteed to be safe to use in the freezer. Because it’s stain and odor-resistant, it preserves your food’s freshness and flavors. It’s rectangular shape makes it ideal for storing homemade ice cream, salads, fruits, and other food that you need to freeze. Proudly made in the USA by a century-trusted glass company, this food storage container is durable enough for microwave, oven, and dishwasher use. In addition, its BPA free secure-fit plastic lid is freezer, microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe.

Pyrex Glass, BPA-free Lids, Airtight & Leakproof, Stackable

Snapware Total Solution Glass Food Storage Set

Our top choice for leftovers, these glass containers in various sizes keep prepared meals fresh. Just put leftovers in the glass containers, snap on the lids, and stack them neatly inside the fridge. When you need to reheat the food, you can conveniently put them in the microwave. The container’s BPA-free lid is equipped with 4 locking tabs to create an airtight and leakproof seal. Both containers and lids are dishwasher (top rack for lids), freezer and microwave safe. You can label the lids too for monitoring the dates of storage.

Pickle Mason Jar, Food Preserves, Old-School

Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jars 2-Pc Set

True homegrown Americana, Ball mason jars are undoubtedly one of the most recognized household names in glass containers. Made from soda lime glass, each glass jar ensures food-grade quality and clear visibility. It is engineered to be heat-tempered, ideal for bath canning and microwave (not the metal lid of course!) and dishwasher use. The lid has a rubber ring that creates a hermetic seal, ensuring an airtight lock when fermenting, canning, or pickling. With its vintage look, this glass container is also perfect for your diy crafts, wedding souvenirs, and other items for display. Its wide mouth opening makes it easy to clean or put food into.

Colorful, Tempered Glass, School Lunch, Picnic

Pyrex Star Wars Themed 4-Pc Glass Food Storage Set

Designed for kids and kids at heart, these colorful Star Wars glass storage containers will keep anyone excited for lunch! The whole set comes in various sizes and shapes, perfect for storing school or picnic lunches, sandwiches, crackers, fruits, and many more. The container itself is made of lead-free, tempered glass that is safe to use in a preheated oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Each glass container comes with a vibrant-colored, BPA-free lid to secure meals on the go. Proudly made in the USA, kids can now have their own favorite pyrex at home.

Multi-size, Lead-free, Versatile, Elegant, Storage and Organization

Libbey Cylinder 3-Pc Multi-Size Glass Storage Jar Set

A set of glass containers that comes in various sizes, these lead-free jars are perfect for storing dry ingredients and other cooking essentials. Their crystal clear look makes them ideal to create a visually appealing display of snacks, pasta, cereals, and many more. The BPA-free lids are equipped with a polyethylene gasket to create an airtight seal, preserving flavor and keeping food fresh. Made in the USA, these food storage containers are durable and dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup.

Glass is inert; it doesn’t absorb odors nor does it leach anything into the container contents. It’s recyclable or reusable indefinitely, can be safely heated to high temps, does not harm the environment, and is nicer looking than plastic.

Plastic is cheap, light, and shatterproof. But it’s plastic. It scratches, can leach toxic chemicals into your food, warps if heated too much, and according to the data is more often than not bound for a landfill whether or not you put it in the recycling bin. See our other posts for the supporting data.