Made in USA Glass Food Storage Containers

Last Updated: 16 Sept 2023

Ball Wide Mouth 32-Ounces Quart Mason Jars with Lids Set of 2The brands listed below (sadly, not that many) manufacture their glassware in the U.S.. Buying USA-made glassware is eco-friendlier than shipping them from across the globe, supports our economy, and assures adherence to US quality control standards.

Since the 1990s, all U.S. made, mass-market glass bakeware is tempered soda-lime glass. Before then, most glass bakeware was borosilicate glass, made famous by Pyrex. Borosilicate glass is more expensive to make and is not recycled in the U.S. (also too expensive).

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✓  Pyrex
Pyrex’s famous glass bakeware and kitchenware have made their way into millions of homes worldwide for over 100 years. A proud US company, Pyrex was established in Corning, New York. In 1936, Pyrex added another factory located in Charleroi, Pennsylvania to manufacture colorful opal glass for industrial use. This technology was then used to create the brand’s iconic nesting bowls, casseroles, dishes, and more. The Pennsylvania factory still stands today as their main plant under the Corelle Brand, producing around 50 million Pyrex pieces every year. Pyrex Glass Food Storage Containers Made in USA

✓  Anchor Hocking
Since 1905, Anchor Hocking has been churning out glass food storage, bakeware, drinkware, kitchen essentials, and more, specifically for homes. They live by the words “Make the glass homes really need.” Their plant is located in Lancaster, Ohio, where Anchor Hocking was originally founded. Anchor Hocking is very proud of their American made glass and have no factories abroad. Anchor Hocking Glass Storage Containers Made in USA

Glass tumblers

✓  Sherrill Manufacturing (Liberty Tabletop)
Sherrill Manufacturing makes its  products, including glassware, in Sherrill, NY. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and operate on business philosophy that we can all get behind. “When you choose us, you’re choosing a company that believes in growing our national economy, providing career jobs to people in our community and preserving the craft of flatware manufacturing and tool making.” Visit their online store Liberty Tabletop Drinking Glasses – made in New York

✓  Rubbermaid
According to Rubbermaid’s site, the majority of Rubbermaid products are made in the USA. The American-made Rubbermaid glasswares have a “Made in the USA” seal on them. However, some of their product ranges carry a “Made in the USA of Global Components” which means raw materials are globally sourced. You should have no trouble determining if the product is made in the U.S. as it’s clearly indicated on the glass itself or the packaging. Rubbermaid Glass Brilliance Containers are Made in USA


✓  Ball
Ball is famous for their glass jars and lids used for home canning in its early days. Operating since 1884, most of their glass products were previously made in Muncie, Indiana. Presently, under Newell Brands, Ball continues their production in Fishers, Indiana and in Ohio, while being based in Broomfield, Colorado. Ball Made in USA Glass Storage Containers


✓  Libbey
Libbey has glass plants around the world but makes its Signature collection of drinking glasses in Shreveport, LA.. As their marketing literature says “If you’ve ever sipped from a glass, odds are you’ve already met Libbey.” Libbey’s Signature pieces are USA made

glass milk bottle

✓  The Diary Shoppe
Shenandoah Homestead Supply operates the Dairy Shoppe which sells many types of glass dairy bottles as well as sustainability-centric products for the small farm/home, such as wood cutting boards, metal containers, and much more. The Diary Shoppe’s glass milk bottles are made in USA

Eco-Friendliness of Made-in-USA Glass Food Storage Containers

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Made-in-USA products have a lower carbon footprint associated with transportation. Products manufactured overseas and then shipped to the USA have a higher carbon footprint due to the long distances they travel. By buying domestically-produced glass containers, your clear glass becomes a little greener.

2. Durability: Glass is durable and long-lasting. Unlike plastic containers which degrade, warp, or stain over time, glass containers can maintain their integrity and appearance for years. This longevity means less spending and less waste in landfills.

3. Non-Toxic and Safe: Glass is chemically inert, meaning it doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into your food, especially when subjected to temperature changes. Plastic containers, on the other hand, may release harmful chemicals when heated, interact with what’s in the container, and later, degrade in the environment. Using glass for food storage ensures that your food remains uncontaminated, reducing the potential health risks and environmental impact of chemical contamination.

4. Recyclability: Soda-lime glass is 100% recyclable without any loss in purity or quality. Tempered glass is not recycled in the U.S. but it is eco-friendly when disposed of due to its non-toxic composition. Plastics degrade in quality with each recycling round, eventually leading to them being discarded. Glass is sustainable, plastic is not.

5. Local Economic Benefits: Buying Made-in-USA products, including glass food storage containers, stimulates local economies by creating and maintaining jobs. Sustainable economic growth, in turn, can lead to more eco-friendly practices and innovations as businesses have the resources and incentive to invest in green technologies and processes.This is some basic, sample markdown.

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