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Glasslock Containers

Glasslock containers offer a durable and reliable solution for food storage. Their non-toxic properties and ease of use make them a popular choice for glass food containers. Here are 8 Glasslock food storage containers (glass of course) compared side-by-side to … Read the rest

As concern grows over plastic waste, more people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic garbage bags. Biodegradable trash bags have several advantages over traditional plastic bags.

First, they break down more quickly, reducing landfill waste. Second, they are … Read the rest

Last Updated: 13 Sept 2023

woman wearing sustainable clothes

Why is sustainable clothing on Blue Oceans Green Earth, a plastic reduction site? Because synthetic fabrics such as Polyester are a form of plastic.

The brands below offer variety of Made in USA sustainable clothing … Read the rest

Elevate your personal style, protect the environment, and promote ethical manufacturing practices with sustainable women’s clothing.

Beside being fashionable, sustainable clothing typically uses high-quality materials that are more likely to last than mass market clothing.

The brands below make sustainable … Read the rest

The biggest benefit of using cotton produce bags is that they can be reused multiple times, eliminating never-ending piles of single-used plastic grocery bags. Cotton produce bags will biodegrade when discarded and will not leach harmful chemicals to the environment. … Read the rest

It is estimated that 40 BILLION plastic utensils are produced each year!

A staggering number of them end up in the trash after only one use. to disposable wooden cutlery helps to reduce some of this plastic waste.

WoodAble makes … Read the rest