Non Plastic Water Bottles

Reusable glass water bottles are an excellent way to save money and help the environment and your health. Just one glass bottle can replace dozens of single-use plastic water bottles, which have been shown to cause adverse health affects in addition to the environmental havoc they create.

We’ve conscientiously examined some of the high-quality brands available in the market and compiled this list of the best-selling and highly-rated glass water bottles that you can buy now – either for kitchen or travel use.

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Chic, Color-changing, and Shatterproof

Pyrex Color Changing Glass Water Bottle

Chic and playful – this glass water bottle from Pyrex is such eye candy. The interior is made of signature Pyrex glass that is shatter resistant and dishwasher safe. The exterior features a 5-layer sweatproof silicone coating with innovative color change technology. When you add a cold beverage to the water bottle, a spectacular change of colors happens! The opening is wide for ease of refill and cleaning with a flip-top lid with a handle to let you carry it conveniently.

Aside from its cute colors and capability to transform colors, the best feature of this glass water bottle is its texture. “ The grip feels amazing. The bottle is grippy but also buttery smooth to the touch.” and “The outer glass is velvety smooth. It’s a pleasant feel when picking up and handling the bottle. It doesn’t just go sliding across countertops. While some would have loved an insulating factor, they think the outside design could still help in checking the water’s coldness. “Love the changing colors, it’s very fun and a unique way to test if your beverage is still cold.”

Stylish, Silicone Sleeve, One-Touch Flip Lid

Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle with One-Touch Flip Lid

This glass water bottle from Ello is equipped with a pastel-colored silicone sleeve for added protection from cracks and chips. It has a custom-made, one-touch flip lid atop its wide mouth that lets you drink directly from the glass. It’s made from eco-friendly glass that is also free from harmful chemicals – odor-free, stain-free, and clean-tasting water! It’s a stylish approach to keep well hydrated anywhere you go.

Most customers said they bought it due to its attractive design. On the other hand, they were really satisfied with how it keeps water clean and fresh tasting.”I got this bottle while working at a summer camp and I’m still really happy with it! The water tastes like it should, without a weird plastic taste.”. Another one added, “It really does keep the taste so much more pure, and the odor from drinking non-water drinks is not a constant residue like it was in my reusable plastic bottles.” The locking mechanism ensures that it will not spill while inside your bag. “The lid has a locking function that gives me peace of mind when I carry it in my bag to work.”

Travel Friendly, Carrying Loop, and Dishwasher Safe

BKR Glass Water Bottle with Spiked Cover

The unique design of BKR’s glass water bottle is a fusion of playfulness and functionality. It is made of environment-friendly glass that is protected with its signature spiky protective silicone sleeve for a non-slip grip. A patented angle loop on its splash-free opening makes it easy to twist and tighten. The lid has a built-in loop handle to carry it with convenience. All parts are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Drinking water can also be trendy. Aside from serving its purpose, many users love how stylish the design is. “When I saw this I just had to have it. I absolutely love it!” and “The hip look (vibrant color) and cool feel (soft spikes) really add some pop to drinking water.” One user commented that it has the ideal size for carrying around. “Very high quality and holds the perfect amount of water for the gym and small enough to carry around in a bigger purse!”

Borosilicate Glass, with Reminder, Bamboo Lid

PROBTTL Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker 

If you’re serious about getting the right hydration, this glass water bottle will aid you in your health goals. It is designed with time markers to motivate you to drink and finish up your water at the right time. Aside from boosting your daily water intake, its materials will also help in saving the environment because of its glass construction with a silicone protection and bamboo lid. The durable borosilicate glass will not crack under extreme temperature and pressure and is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

The motivational reminder and the time tracker are useful features that most users love. “Very cool looking and useful for making sure you drink enough water each day!” and “I love that it has inspired me to be constantly drinking water and staying healthier since it has the hours and some short phrases that motivate you to drink water.”. Another one raved about how it checks all the boxes. “This is the perfect water bottle! Finally found a water bottle that checks all the boxes: large size, time markings, no annoying straw, easy to sip, silicone grip, nice cap with handle. Easy to clean with one of those bottle brushes.”

Lead-free, Extra-wide mouth, and Versatile

Epica Set of 6 Glass Beverage Bottles

Most plastic containers can affect the taste of your beverages. Since these bottles are made from earth-friendly glass, the only thing you taste is whatever makes up your delicious beverage. The set comes in a pack of six and is ideal if you are looking for a container that does not only perfect for storing your water but also great for containing other colorful beverages like smoothies or juice. The simple yet versatile design makes it practical for storing in the fridge or when you are traveling or on the go.

With its 17,831 ratings, this product is highly recommended by buyers because of its great quality. “Heavy-duty, stainless steel few-twist cap with an inner silicone ring for sealing tightly shut any liquid you may pour into them. This was an added plus since now I can carry these in my bags without fear of spilling.” and “The bottles are heavy duty, they’ve fallen and hit the pergo flooring a few times, and not once have been damaged.” Some also tested if they are leakproof or spillproof and this was one of the verdicts. “They’re completely leak-proof and I can take a full bottle and shake it vigorously; as long as the cap is securely screwed on, not a drop comes out.”

Multifunctional, Airtight Lid, and Leak Proof Cap

AYL Multifunctional Glass Bottle

For this product, it was a no-brainer why we included this in our list. It’s one of the highest-rated glass bottles on Amazon. With its 33-ounce capacity, this is a great glass bottle for storing water in a family fridge. It is made from durable glass that is resistant to impact and temperature changes. The leakproof and airtight cap ensures the contents inside stay fresh and clean tasting. Its practical design makes it a multifunctional bottle that can also store other wine or liquid condiments.

As mentioned above, this is one of the highest-rated glass bottles in Amazon. It’s storage functionality does not limit to water storage or home usage only. “Very nice glass bottles for water. The bottles feel sturdy with a very snug seal. We use them at our restaurants and customers like them.” and “I specifically use my bottles for kombucha.”. One reviewer even uses them for storing wines. “I’ve just started dabbling with home winemaking and these bottles are great. I don’t own corking equipment so the swing top stoppers suit my needs for 1-2 year cellaring perfectly.”

Made in USA, Space Saving, and Great for Transporting

The Dairy Shoppe 2-Pack Glass Bottles

This pick is for those who would like bigger water containers for their fridge. It has a look of a vintage glass milk bottle – really nostalgic! The design of its thick body was created to let it fit nicely in the fridge to save space. The reusable lid is made of BPA-free plastic that is leakproof. For ease of transport from fridge to counter or to the table, a durable carrying handle is attached to its neck. A free pouring spout is offered together with the set in case it’s more convenient for you to pour your water, milk, or juice directly into your drinking glass.

The carrying handle is a great addition. It can be very useful when transporting water from another vessel. “I keep the dispenser in the garage since I don’t have room in my kitchen. I use these to fill up and transfer the water inside my house. They do that job admirably.” and “I’m using these retro-style glass bottles to contain and carry water around the house or back and forth to the office.” Others also love using this for storing milk. “The thick glass material keeps the milk fresh.” and “Keeps milk clean and fresh tasting. Nice grips to hold when pouring. The construction is solid, reasonably thick glass but not over-laden or hard to hold with one hand.”

Active Flip Cap, Silicone Sleeve, and Dishwasher-safe

Lifefactory Active Flip Cap Glass Water Bottle

If your lifestyle is more into the active side, this glass water bottle from Lifefactory might be the one you need. It has a non-slip silicone sleeve for a good grip especially when your hands are sweaty from a gym workout, a morning run, or hiking. An easy to open flip cap lets you sip your water easily especially when you are on the move. As busy as you are, this is designed to be dishwasher safe. Made in the USA and Europe, and free from BPA and phthalates.

There are top features that most users like: easy to carry, leakproof seal, easy to open flip cap. “I am very happy with the design of the top, it’s easy to open/close, leak-free seal, and the handle is easy to carry.” and “ I have had no issues with it leaking. It seems well made and is very easy to use. It is nice to know your water is safely stored in glass and not soaking up anything that might be toxic.” Others attested to its promise of durability. “The silicone cover seems very durable as well and has protected it from breaking a plethora of times.“

Lightweight, Borosilicate Glass, and Sleek Design

W&P Porter Multifunctional Glass Travel Bottle

Sleek, simple, and cool palette – W&P Porter’s signature look. This bottle is ideal for people on the go. You can easily bring your water, coffee, or tea to the office or school. This is constructed from durable, lightweight glass that is covered with a protective silicone sleeve and equipped with a twist-off cap. It is available in various colors to match your personality. Because it’s made from borosilicate glass, you can expect it to also hold warm or hot beverages. Buying this supports the brand’s mission to provide culinary and food nutrition programs in their local community.

The first thing that made people to buy this glass water bottle is its appearance. “It’s designed extremely well and is pleasing to the eye. I love its simplicity.” and “I love this bottle! The ‘confetti’ pink is what initially sold me, but once I received it I realized how soft and beautiful the silicone is.” With its wide-mouth design and durable construction, this bottle is easy to clean. “It is really easy to clean with a bottle brush, or pop right into the dishwasher.” and “Love that it is dishwasher safe. Makes it very convenient to clean.”