Our World is Flooded in Plastic

We Can Do Better


The purpose of greenwashing is to mislead consumers who are interested in making eco-friendly choices. Greenwashing undermines the efforts of genuinely sustainable businesses by creating consumer doubt about the legitimacy and practicality of moving to a sustainable lifestyle.

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Last Updated: 13 Sept 2023

woman wearing sustainable clothes

Why is sustainable clothing on Blue Oceans Green Earth, a plastic reduction site? Because synthetic fabrics such as Polyester are a form of plastic.

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Elevate your personal style, protect the environment, and promote ethical manufacturing practices with sustainable women’s clothing.

Beside being fashionable, sustainable clothing typically uses high-quality materials that are more likely to last than mass market clothing.

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Last Updated: 13 Sept 2023

It is uplifting to know that many local, and global companies have started their journey to become environmentally friendly companies. From reducing carbon footprints to opting for sustainable and compostable packaging, these companies are doing … Read the rest

The biggest benefit of using cotton produce bags is that they can be reused multiple times, eliminating never-ending piles of single-used plastic grocery bags. Cotton produce bags will biodegrade when discarded and will not leach harmful chemicals to the environment. … Read the rest

Finding alternatives to plastic doesn’t have to be hard. Here are seven, great, household products that cut out the plastic and are easy to adopt.

Beeswax Food Wraps

These food wraps are made from natural and biodegradable materials. They do … Read the rest