Our World is Flooded in Plastic

We Can Do Better

It is estimated that 40 BILLION plastic utensils are produced each year!

A staggering number of them end up in the trash after only one use. to disposable wooden cutlery helps to reduce some of this plastic waste.

WoodAble makes … Read the rest

Wood is an excellent alternative to plastic and especially so in the case of a cutting board. A high quality wood cutting board is durable and will stand the test of time if given proper care.

Plastic is everywhere. It … Read the rest

We don’t have to look far to see over use of plastic. Starting at home, we can usually find plastic utensils in the kitchen, plastic water bottles in the fridge, plastic bags in the drawer, toiletries in the bathroom, and … Read the rest

Last Updated: 13 Sept 2023

Glass jar and small containers

In this post we feature glass containers that are manufactured here in the USA. This is not only to support local products but also to ensure that what you purchase is safe and high quality.… Read the rest

Last Updated: 16 Sept 2023

Glass products manufactured in the USA are regulated by laws to ensure the safety and welfare of the consumers. These US brands have been leading the industry for many decades (some for more than a … Read the rest

Plastic products are used in almost every area of life and industry. From plastic bags to water bottles, from straws to six-pack rings, today’s plastic will likely become tomorrow’s marine pollution.

Surprisingly, an estimated 70%-80% of marine debris collected in … Read the rest